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If you were there!


If you were one of the over 50 attendees at the Urban Financial Services Coalition African American Briefing on Capitol Hill March 23 – 25 2014 in Washington, DC then:

You benefitted from the insightful briefings and networking with Boos, Allen, Hamilton, Congressional Staff, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the National Association of Black Journalists, New York Life Insurance Company, the Republican National Committee and others! And then there were the fun tours and dining… 🙂

Video and comments at the Urban Financial Services Coalition International Facebook page.

Our thanks to UFSC Leaders- Event Chair Ditu Kasuyi, Co -Chair Adrienne Whitaker, Coordinators Nicole Chandler- Grant, Tosha Lee and Gail Todd and Kathleen Greely, Consumer Advocates, Inc!

See you all for our 40th Annual International Summit in Chicago June 5-7!

Pass the word… stop by for a glass of

Pass the word… stop by for a glass of wine or soda pop… Friday 4/25/14… San Francisco Financial District, Union Bank Museum!

Invitation to the Urban Financial Services Coalition San Francisco Bay Area Eighth Annual Economic Strategic Summit 4/25/14!

Urban Financial Services Coalition San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Eighth Annual Economic Summit… Mix, Mingle and Learn… 4/25/14!

The purpose of the Summit is to provide current information and networking for career professionals and entrepreneurs regarding the state of the local and national economies in a fun exciting event.

The outlook from a career versus a entrepreneurial perspective are discussed as well as strong and weak segments on the economy.

The format is typically a panel of thought leaders with a moderator and Q & A. The high quality of the discussion is comparable to what is seen on Bloomberg, CNN etc.

Food and beverages are served. There is approximately 30 minutes of fun and productive networking prior to the discussion and approximately 45 minutes of networking after the discussion.

The outcomes that we have seen are better informed financial and career professionals, engaged entrepreneurs, job leads/ job candidates identified, new contacts, business projects started and new happy hour partners!

The event is Friday 4/25/14 from 5:30 to 8:30pm.

This years event will be held at the Union Bank Museum, San Francisco.

Get your ticket through eventbrite now!

Pictures of prior summits can be found at