Christine Elizabeth Marshall-Thomas

Since it has pleased Almighty God to take our beloved Sister, Christine Elizabeth Marshall-Thomas, on to her reward where she will join that innumerable heavenly caravan.

WHEREAS, our Sister was a reverent woman who loved the Lord. A very independent person who performed many tasks and instilled in her family to follow her example. She loved her family with a gentle, yet stern combination which only she possessed.

WHEREAS, our Sister was a proud mother of Adrienne Whitaker, who she raised to be an exceptional woman of Godly character; unequaled professional presence, and unparalleled leadership skills, all wrapped up in a heart of “Gold”.

WHEREAS, our beloved Sister was a dedicated woman of many talents who loved and supported her friends, family and neighbors.

WHEREAS, Ms. Thomas was a dedicated member of the Urban Financial Services Coalition, International support team for over 5 years, who served in numerous positions to include Special Assistant to the International President, Virtual Assistant and Enforcer of Returning Phone Calls and Emails.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we embrace Adrienne and her family, because all of us have a common bond that will connect us for the rest of our lives. We cannot replace Ms. Marshall-Thomas, but will attempt to demonstrate her love for you.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we the members of the Urban Financial Services Coalition, International proclaim September 28, 2014 “Christine Elizabeth Marshall –Thomas Day”, as a testament to her dedication to the organization.

Humbly Submitted on this 28th day September 2014,

The Officers and Members of Urban Financial Services Coalition

Walter Brown, Jr, International President
Ditu Kasuyi, Advisory Board President
Urban Financial Services Coalition, Urban Financial Services Coalition

-Pictured – Christine’s daughter Adrienne and Christine’s mother.


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