AABFP #AABFP Next move ?!? June 4-6 Atlanta!

AABFP #AABFP ufscnet.org

Do you have good contacts inside these organizations? They can be VERY useful to you a a professional because your decisions are only as good as your information!

American Bankers Association

Certified Financial Planner Board

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

Federal Reserve Board

Merrill Lynch

Office of the Controller of the Currency

Securities and Exchange Commission

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

Ryerson University Toronto Canada

US Congress

US Department of Commerce

US Department of Minority Business Development

US Department of Health and Human Services

Wells Fargo Bank

White House

… Their executives and more were in the room last week looking for you at the Urban Financial Services Coalition African American Briefing for Financial Professionals… #AABFP AABFP …more pictures online at facebook and linkedin.

Make your next move… See you in Atlanta June 4- 6! Buy your ticket now and bring others! When is the last time you invested in yourself?



“This briefing was fun, exciting and informative… In the mean time, I am on information overload which is great to share with my community.” Bank Executive – California

” I’m so glad I came. The information and the networking was much needed.” City Senior Economic Program Manager California

“UFSC produces outcomes, contacts and information that are not done anywhere else.” Vice President Corporate Financial Analysis – Northeast

“This is great that you do this program. This is a tough business and practitioners need to hear what is really required to succeed.” Managing Director – Financial Advisor Association – Mid Atlantic

“This was a great briefing series… Congratulations to UFSC for this important contribution to our continuous improvement of the Financial Services Industry.” – Director – international financial services advisory firm Mid Atlantic

“It was so encouraging to see professional Finance people get together and have deep conversations.” Federal Reserve Bank executive Mid West.

“I was very happy hear information that I don’t get at work. This will help me to understand my supervisors job better so that I can be more supportive to her and my clients.”
-Financial Advisor Mid Atlantic

A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ditu Kasuyi, AABFP Chair and the event team!!

See you all in Atlanta to be engaged, enlightened and empowered!!

Walter Brown, Jr. DE
International President

UFSC VisionTo ensure the full and equitable participation of people of color at all levels in the financial services industry.
UFSC MissionTo
be the pre-eminent financial services organization that provides
professional development programs, supports educational advancement and
promotes economic empowerment for its members and minority communities
at large.





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