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Urban Financial Services Coalition Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders – SEE THIS MOVIE. What actionable ideas will YOU get about “Brainstorming”, “Research”, “Profit”, “Groupthink”… A BUNCH!!

One point that came through loud and clear on the movie for me: “Opportunity is often missed because we are broadcasting when we should be tuning in.” Anonymous

Thanks for the recommendation Jason Matthews!


People are talking…

I got a phone call today from a financial professional in Georgia who heard the Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) Teleconference Briefing call today presented by Mr. Jason Matthews – San Francisco Bay Area.
Our associate in Georgia said that the call was “informative, inspirational and shows clearly the huge opportunities to serve and be successful in financial services”.
These Briefing calls are part of the UFSC Professional Development mission. Did you benefit from the briefing call? Join UFSC IN OUR JOURNEY TODAY at -become a member!


Jobs and workforce teleconference

Federal Reserve Teleconference regarding jobs and workforce. RSVP required. Announcement courtesy of the Urban Financial Services Coalition. December 10, 2015 –