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($112,200.00) We will check out this institutional home loan presentation to see if there is anything our WB Lending Solutions clients can benefit from because moderate income can be as high as $112,200.00 in our area:



A simple tool of knowledge workers…Urban Financial Services Coalition members are knowledge workers extraordinaire…


Seize the moment! Say yes.

Ask the hard “how does this connect to what I already know”, “why” and “how can this help me” questions! Be thought provoking and bold!
“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak persons wait for opportunities; strong people make them.”
-Orison Swett Marden


Join us!

Youth Leadership Development right now in Washington DC… UFSC Mentors and UFSC MARK I Youth Leaders with Rosa Parks at the US Capitol…

MARK I Emerging Leaders e-Mentoring Program

Youth development…

Melanie M. Lee ESQ. MARK I youth session today in Washington, DC:
Melanie Lee teaching the MARK I Students Leaders About Mind, Consciousness and Thoughts, Washington DC


Friends, I got this “Sponsored” ad in my FB feed. I never heard of “ALEC” before and do a little research and decided to post four balancing articles to this post.

 After the first two, the others I posted were repeatedly deleted by Facebook. Why am I not surprised. Manipulation. I was blocked. That is not support of critical thinking or “freedom” of communication… Another reminder… “Caveat Emptor”.


Previewing an event location (African American Library at Oakland) and we got hungry, so we stopped by Everett and Jones BBQ… You know what happens then: “yum- yum”! 😬