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Hmmm… I noticed that the Treasury Department (Financial Services) was right next door to the White House. Lots of reasons, no doubt…



Money… Connecting dots…




Great time was had! 9/20/16 San Francisco California Meet and greet at the OMNI Hotel had Urban Financial Services Coalition Members and visitors from 11 different organizations. Great possibilities to be continued…


The Omni… 9/20/16!

Tomorrow! 9/20/16 – Friends? Employees? Business opportunities? 
Meet and greet at the OMNI Hotel, San Francisco with a National Urban Financial Services Coalition and #AABFP update! No host bar.
9/20/16 at 6:30pm
Omni Hotel 500 California Street, SF
San Francisco Meet and Greet – pass the word! Urban Financial Services Coalition


Challenges in risk management…


Walter Brown Jr. DE

Walter is a 30 plus year financial services veteran with expert experience in all phases of mortgage management and operations.

Walter received his first Fannie Mae underwriter designation in 1978 and his elite US Department of Housing and Urban Development DE designation in 1993. Until 1997, he was active on the staffs of companies like Bank of America and The Principal Financial Group of Des Moines in various areas including Loan Service, Appraisal, Quality Control and Regional Sales Management. He has lectured at institutions including the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, UC Berkeley the United States House of Representatives and the White House.

Walter writes articles and provides interviews for broadcast radio and other media outlets. Walter assists Consumers, Financial Institutions, State and Federal officials by providing ongoing technical advice and service on selected financial matters as a subject matter expert.

Some of his recent work includes: 2014-2016 advising in the creation and rollout of the fifteen subject “Business Hybrid Classes” module for the 22,000 students at Diablo Valley College (DVC) as a senior member of the Business Department Advisory Board. 2014 research reporting regarding the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. 2014 Africa fact finding visit and report regarding Financial Services development in some of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Contributions to the development of the $700 Billion Dollar US Federal TARP bailout program.
Specialties: Mortgage funding, underwriting, audit, consulting, oversight, strategic planning, asset management and workout for residential and commercial properties. WB Lending Solutions simplifies the clients’ experience with a team of sharp industry professionals who are results oriented.