… 5x …

…5x… a unique thread of alignment …
I am looking at Mr. Trumps’ Social Media invitation right now. Everyone is invited for his January 20 Inauguration. https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/videos/10158474568135725/
-BTW- To my main point, I had the privilege of attending Mr. Obamas first inauguration as guest of my partner, The Honorable Karen Bass. She granted me one of the elite “Platinum tickets”. We sat right behind the US Senate (see pics) next to folks like Magic Johnson, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Honorable Willie Brown and others.
* I asked one of the Capitol Police Officers that day: “How are things going with the event today?” This blonde haired fellow carrying a shotgun said to me, “Well, I have worked the last five inaugurations and we think we have more people here today than we had at THE LAST FIVE COMBINED. And this crowd has been THE EASIEST ONE to work with”. It looked to me like a unique, special thread went through the entire multitude in attendance. …5X…
I for one, will be interested to hear the reports on Mr. Trumps inaugural crowd, it will be a further indicator to me of who we have now in the White House…

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