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Personal Value

Is your personal brand value growing? Are you viewed as a “valuable professional”? 
Reason #2 to be a member of a Strategic Leadership team at Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC). 
Today- Friday, UFSC members know a bit about happenings in Davos, Central Banks, and Global Finance Influence. Increase your value by keeping lifelong learning in your personal business plan. Are you growing on a UFSC team?

To ensure the full and equitable participation of people of color at all levels in the financial services industry.

To be the pre-eminent financial services organization that provides professional development programs, supports educational advancement and promotes economic empowerment for its members and minority communities at large.

Cash management…

Want to know more about corporate cash management, borrowing, operations, investment and decision processes? Attend this webinar 1/12/2017 RSVP required hosted by “Treasury Strategies LinkedIn Group”. Expand your personal knowledge and value as a UFSC Financial professional.



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Critical thinking.

This will be a great capitalism- ethics discussion. You game?



Flashback: One of the past Community Empowerment joint efforts by Urban Financial Services Coalition Mortgage Crisis Task Force (MCTF) when many industry professionals were “dazed and confused”. This joint effort focused on helping homeowners have fair treatment in a climate of fear (i.e.- see movies The Big Short, 99 Homes). Thank you Jasper Smith, Glenna Glenna Nickerson

, Louie LeLaurin, Brian Ripley, Esq., Ernest Clark, Robert Cheasty, Esq., Ditu Kasuyi, Kobie Mahiri, Adrienne Patrice Whitaker, Dorothy Reed, Roderick Hayes, Delores Blake, Martin Wilson, Renelle Brown Layfield, Maurice Wilson, Andrew T. Carr, LeEtta Clark

and others for making this happen.


—–2012 flashback workshop invitation content —–

*There have been over 3.4 million foreclosures in the last three years. We are only about halfway through this according to many estimates. Please attend-

Real Estate Strategies for Challenged Property Owners Seminar-1/14 free- is a collaborator on this project. * Please send to your networks*

-Real Estate Strategies for Challenged Property Owners Seminar- free-
Date: January 14, 2012
Time: 10:00am- Noon
Location: Salvation Army Auditorium

3950 Clayton Road

Concord, CA 94521
A- What are possible solutions for property owners who are denied short sale or loan
modification opportunities
B- How will the A) NPV (net present value formula) and B) QWR (qualified written request)
process give property owner leverage in talking to their lender about a loan modification?
What are they and why should you care?
C- Should you sell your property or give it back to your lender? Pros and Cons of each.
D- What problems are lenders having with the large volume of clients requesting loan
E- Your questions and discussion.

New Treasury Secretary Nominee and consumers

Steve Mnunchin. Treasury Secretary nominees’ bank was indeed very difficult to work with in protecting consumers rights at the Urban Financial Services Coalition Mortgage Crisis Task Force (MCTF). #ufsc