Job opportunity for Tax Lawyers.

Job openings FYI:
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The Governor and Legislature created the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) as part of the Board of Equalization reform package that became effective Ju‌‌ly 1‌‌, 2‌01‌7 and will begin full operations and hearing appeals on Jan‌u‌ary 1‌‌, 20‌‌18. The OTA will be responsible for hearing appeals from agency actions taken by both the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and the Franchise Tax Board. Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) will serve on the tax appeal panels and must issue written opinions for each appeal. ALJs must be a member of the California Bar and must have tax law experience.

Tax Lawyers Wanted [ ]

The new California Office of Tax Appeals is looking for administrative law judges to serve on a panel and hear tax appeal cases involving the intricacies of tax law — from business taxes like cigarette and tobacco products and sales and use taxes to income taxes. Currently, the three open positions are located in Sacramento with salary ranges from $8,638 to $11,979 per month commensurate with experience. Find out more information here [ ]. Positions are open until filled.

The legislation does not specify how many three-judge panels will be used, but states that hearings will be held in Sacramento, Fresno, and Los Angeles. The job listings state that “multiple positions” exist for the presiding ALJs, indicating that there are likely to be several panels of ALJs handling the appeals duties formerly performed by the five-member BOE.

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