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President Trump is great news for Corporations and persons with networth over $5 million. This may be very bad news for a lot of other folks (in areas including protection in bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, Financial Company Board Governance, etc.) who will lose a “level playing field” with the weakening of CFPB. Take a look at history.




“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.” — Geena Davis

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5 Key Takeaways from Venture Capitalists to Boost Your Rate of Entrepreneur Success

November 19, 2017 • By Sequoia Blodgett


Culture Shift Labs has been working very diligently to make sure there is a common meeting ground for changemakers of color. Recently they held their 8th Annual event in New York City that consisted of a weekend of conversations on technology, innovation, social impact, and most notably venture capital investment.

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There was a plethora of power players in the house including Troy Carter, CEO and founder of Atom Factory; Mark Ein, founder of Venturehouse Group; Kwame Anku, founding principal of the Black Angel Tech Fund; and NBA all-star Alonzo Mourning.

Black Enterprise was in attendance and there were five key takeaways that we went away with.

1. Most investors say no. You have to work to get to a yes. Nine times out of 10 an investor is going to turn you down. Make sure that you are persistent in a way that’s progressive. If you are returning to an investor who you’ve already asked for money, make sure there is a measureable improvement or else you are wasting their time.

2. Avoid spending time with people who aren’t giving you money. Look for investors who are in your space and excited about your product. That way they come on as strategic partners and are not just giving you money.

3. The difference between a Studs versus a Duds product/company is leadership, determination, and resilience.

It takes tenacity to become an entrepreneur. A product isn’t birthed overnight. You have to stay focused but, additionally, you need to know when to pivot. Working on something too long that’s not working in the market, even if determined, is a waste of your time.

4. You learn when things aren’t going well. So, don’t stop. Fail and fail fast. It’s not a loss. It’s a learning process.

5. When speaking to investors ask, “What’s your timeline?” You need this information to manage your expectations. This way, you don’t become the person with the interesting product, to the person who’s now bothering them. Remember, you aren’t the only one looking for investment.


Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray announced his resignation today. Many Finance and Real Estate Professionals are happy and hopeful for a rollback of the rules. I posted this comment in a professional group discussion:

SMH… Most of us here don’t EVEN KNOW what we are talking about on this topic. Yes, Cordray brought a lot of regulations in, but the laws came from Congress because of the outrageous systemic and consumer abuse by financial institutions and the $700 Billion dollar bailout (Like seatbelts in a automobile). I cannot tell you how many Realtors, Bankers, Police Officers I helped fight mortgage lenders illegally foreclosing on their homes. Go do some reading. (Capitalism, Keynes, Aristotle) Be careful of what you wish for you just might get it… again.




Who would you like to be in 18 months?




Chilling. What puts a person on the new FBI “BIE” list? History repeating itself?

A wonderful event!

Thank you Urban Financial Services Coalition President Matthews, Event Committee Members Nicole Middleton and Otis Watson! “The Greet” event 11/10/17 was wonderful!



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To ensure the full and equitable participation of people of color at all levels in the financial services industry.

To be the pre-eminent financial services organization that provides professional development programs, supports educational advancement and promotes economic empowerment for its members and minority communities at large.

Veterans Day/ Thank you for your service US Veterans.

The Brown – Ewing -Family has many members that are Veterans. 1- Some have died in US Military service. 2- Uncle Sam Brown of Kansas City fought on the front lines as a combat tanker in the Battle of the Bulge WWII. 3- Uncle Webster Rice (Aunt Girlies husband) fought in the Black Artillery Battalion on the WW II front lines against the Nazis- I remember listening as a kid, on our family visits, to my Uncle Webster discuss the punishing accuracy of the Nazi “88” artillery groups in Europe- the losses his group took and how they had to keep fighting in spite of their losses- he didn’t like talking about it so much. 4- My Dad, Walter Brown Sr. was a WW II heavy equipment operator- he had a number of sobering experiences. 5- Cousin Tony Robinson served in the Marines. 6- Cousin Tommy Brooks and “Stevie” Brown served in the Air Force. 7- Cousin Barbara Jean Norman (Claude Browns’ daughter with two US University Ph. D’s and a Doctorate from England’s Oxford University) was a Captain in the US Army. 8- Cousin Aaron Michael Brown served internationally as a Captain in the Air Force. 9- Cousin “JR” Brown (Captain A.M. Brown and Sharon Browns son) served in the US Air Force with distinction. PLEASE ADD YOUR BROWN EWING FAMILY RECOLLECTIONS so that we remember. We should do some video interviews.