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I was at the gym today and got some strong reminders about being COACHABLE, DETERMINED and RESPECTFUL.

As I was exercising, a young Asian man asks me a question and we started talking.

I asked him what he did and he told me he attends Diablo Valley College (DVC) – he left his family, traveled from his homeland to attend DVC. He says it’s tough. He was a whiz in calculus and physics, but is pursing a Business Major now. He has no car in a area where having a car is normal. He says it’s hard, but it’s what his parents want him to do. So he is doing it… DETERMINATION. COACHABLE.

He asked me what I thought and I gave him some ideas. Join the PBL Business Club- be a officer. See this Professor and that Professor ask them for advice and so on. He got out a pencil and pad right in the gym and started writing this stuff down. DETERMINATION. COACHABLE. Good stuff…

I ALSO chatted with a young man who asked me about my T Shirt. (Go figure?)

As he spoke, I detected an accent. We exchanged names and he said: “In my culture, since you are my senior, I will call you Mr. Walter.” I am old school- so I liked that. I asked him, where are you from? He said Nigeria and he is also attending DVC. (Nigerians have some of the highest education levels in the United States as a group RESPECTFUL. DETERMINATION. More good stuff…

So, I am reminded that if I want to be

productive in this society, I am going to have to compete. Nobody is going to give “it” to me. If I don’t want to work for it, there are others that will do so gladly. Being COACHABLE, DETERMINED and RESPECTFUL.


Walter Brown, Jr. DE

Chairperson Business Administration Department Advisory Board Diablo Valley College