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One of the powerful tools a investor or consumer can use is a written monthly budget. This is something we remind our clients of regularly. Contact us for details!

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Ms. Belva Davis, San Francisco DeYoung Museum Trustee and California Media Icon and Walter Brown Jr at the DeYoung Museum “Soul of a nation” exhibit 11/2019.

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“Try to be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

I just received a request from an Executive who worked for me as a loan underwriter on one of my regional loan teams years ago.

She went on to become a Bank Examiner Leader with the Federal Reserve Bank and we have stayed in touch.

She just asked me to speak with an associate of hers who was frustrated with the advice their bank was giving them regarding loan options for their Family Trust.

We agreed to have that strategic conversation.

We are always happy to assist. Contact us anytime.



Throwback Thursday: Walter giving a Financial Services speech at the United States Congress a few years ago. We brought back some valuable information for our friends and customers on that trip…


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We are finishing a loan for a person who is a Chief Auditor with a major bank. The loan involves a family trust and we received a nice comment from them while they were reviewing the final documents.

They said:

“This is a very good loan. Thank you !”

We just smiled… 😄😄😄