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Urban Financial Services Coalition Black History Month in Financial Services : Insurance

Black History Month in Financial Services- North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company… Did you know?
What’s can we learn from this today?
Check out this historic video fragment on YouTube:


Lifeline US program killed while the news media talks about what happened at the Grammys. And what will we do about it? The Urban Financial Services Coalition mission is related to this challenge – are you active?


February 25, 2016! Teleseminar – Youth in Technology – Federal Minority Business Development Agency
-Announcement courtesy of Urban Financial Services Coalition


A Black History Month comment-

Walter Brown, Sr. First African American Teamster Heavy Equipment operator for San Francisco Civil Service Park and Recreation Department. Mr. Brown had to file complaint actions with Fair Employment Commission, the California State Senate and the San Francisco Legal Society to force the City of SF and his Teamster Union to allow him to even take the written examination. This 11 year plus battle despite his being an experienced heavy equipment operator in the US Army driving double tractor trailer rigs in blackouts during WW II. After overcoming challenges to take the oral and driving exams he braved assault threats for the first few years on the widely coveted attractive job which he started in 1970. (Not long ago) His comment was: “if that’s what you want to do, it won’t be the first time- I’m right here, right now.” Mr. Brown worked until retirement accumulating many friends and fans of his performance. Mr. Brown also spent many years in volunteer service as an Elections Judge, Advisory Board Member Boy Scouts- SF Council, Advisory Board SF Legal Aid Foundation and others. He enjoyed a very long Civil Service lifetime pension payout period… “Don’t give up!”