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An event we sponsored!

“UFSC Community Empowerment in action… 1st Annual Entrepreneurship Summit UFSC San Francisco Bay Area Chapter-Pictures At:

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I got a ‘wake up’ call in a private conversation I had with a Financial Services Executive two levels below the CEO in a Fortune 500 Company in another part of the US.

While he has all the perks that we discussed during our 45 minute call (plane, expense account, etc), he is still bothered by the notion that his fellow executives are ‘competing’ with him for advancement.

This competition has started to take a toll on his family time & relationship.

At the end of the discussion, he concluded that sacrificing his family relationship to try to get the CEO office at all costs was not worth it.

An interesting conversation- certainly rare actual experience & wisdom I can use with myself, friends and clients.

The conversation happened because we are connected through Urban Financial Services Coalition- since I volunteer on a NATIONAL level. Very enriching…




We met in 2008!

We just closed Mr. Sanders refinance in a few days ago, saving him $2931.00 a month! This was a 11 year trip from the bottom to the top!

We first met Mr. Sanders in 2008 when his consulting business was struggling in the Recession and he was very stressed out! Mr. Sanders was in danger of foreclosure- having trouble keeping his Maui estate and Bay Area property loans paid current.

In 2008 we used advanced methods to help Mr. Sanders overcome the bank declines that he had for loan modifications on his Maui Hawaii and Bay Area Properties. We stabilized him.

Since that time, Mr. Sanders has rebuilt his consulting business and we have now completely moved his mortgages into secure low cost loans (using a variety of mortgage companies and banks).

Mr. Sanders has said that our NEXT stop is a celebratory dinner this month! We are READY! LOL!



Willie Mays – San Francisco Giants legend.

Mr Willie Mays – Baseball Legend #24 – was one of the Major Investor Leaders in Fulcrum Savings and Loan (Financial Services – Minority controlled), in San Francisco during a time of rampant home redlining. A great example of service and profit for today. Go look it up. – let’s do a podcast show on this. Larry Chew Jason Matthews Theodis Watson Michael Gartrell Otis Watson Robert Shoffner Damita Barbee Will Brown Lizzie Evans Gail Todd James Moore Jr. Steve Peterson Tinarsha Brown #home #financialservices #leaders




What’s your lifestyle?

Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) volunteer leadership AFFECTS YOUR LIFESTYLE.

Case in point: I was on a UFSC Financial Services Africa research project and when Hotel management found out, they insisted on me riding in their Black Car and dining in their various restaurants – all at NO CHARGE. I enjoyed being pampered. Here’s some pictures…

(Remember to ask me about the Washington DC visit last month…)

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To ensure the full and equitable participation of people of color at all levels in the financial services industry.


To be the pre-eminent financial services organization that provides professional development programs, supports educational advancement and promotes economic empowerment for its members and minority communities at large.






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Got the keys.

We just assisted a stressed out homebuyer in getting private home financing connections after they had been turned down.

They now have the house keys. This is part of their beautiful, big backyard.

They are moving in this week and very happy.

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