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Frank talk.

If you are not willing to “take the heat”, then please move out of the way. Gotta laugh, or we might cry.


THANK YOU Professor Carolyn Seefer and Diablo Valley College for a great session today. I look forward to hearing exciting things from your scholars! It was a pleasure to volunteer today.#wblendingsolutions wblendingsolutions #ufscnet #ufscorg

Rough notes- DVC 9/28/17 – Professor Carolyn Seefer Small Business Class. WB talk.

DVC 9/28/17 – Professor Carolyn Seefer Small Business Class. WB Talk.
1- How many of you will be graduating in 2018?
2- Why are you taking this class?

A- it’s part of your required course plan?

B- interested in how small businesses work?

C- interested in starting a business?

D- other reasons?
3- What are some facts that you all know about small business?

4- My discussion will cover very small businesses ranging in revenue from $50,000.00 to $5,000,000.00, employees from 1 to 30.
5- Some major concerns for small businesses according to Forbes June 29, 2017.

A- Rising interest rates.

B- New Presidential Administration bringing in major changes, changes create uncertainty, uncertainty can hamper planning which can hamper business growth.

C- Healthcare costs and changes to healthcare regulations.

D- Local and Regional Economic Health.
6- Major concerns for my small business: (we do loans and consulting to help people buy, own, enjoy and sell properties in strategic ways from a tax and investment standpoint.)
A- Always assessing whether we are operating in line with our business plan: a- today b- this week c- this quarter d- this year? e- five years. Continuing education, Sales, Maintenance, Rest/Recovery Time. (TIME MANAGEMENT – Time is money)
B- Are we doing work that we believe in right now? (MISSION & VISION) Do we feel like we are making a positive difference? Are we helping clients make large jumps in their thinking and actions? Are we doing business that is also good for the health of our firm? 
C- Are we staying abreast of new developments (reading, podcasts, classes, trade association meetings, etc.) in financial services and looking at how we can use them for our clients benefit? (EDUCATION, LIFELONG LEARNING)
D- How well are we executing our marketing and sales plans (I.e.- relationship visits, web advertising, swags, affinity groups, referrals, etc.) ( SALES AND MARKETING)
E- Are we seeing the business profit growth and expense controls (ACCOUNTING) that we have projected in our business plan? Why or why not?
E- How do we avoid becoming just a “Commodity” today? How many ways can we find to continue to position ourselves as a valuable resource to our target community today? (R & D)
F- What are we doing this month to work “on” our business, not “in” our business? (Covey, 7 Habits of highly effective people. Sharpening the saw.) -i.e.- Developing a new information PDF to help clients in their discussion with their CPAs? Making an upgrade to our computer network? Reviewing new ways to reward employees and reduce the chance of burnout?

Walter Brown, Jr. DE


Job opportunity for Tax Lawyers.

Job openings FYI:
Dear Walter,

The Governor and Legislature created the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) as part of the Board of Equalization reform package that became effective Ju‌‌ly 1‌‌, 2‌01‌7 and will begin full operations and hearing appeals on Jan‌u‌ary 1‌‌, 20‌‌18. The OTA will be responsible for hearing appeals from agency actions taken by both the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and the Franchise Tax Board. Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) will serve on the tax appeal panels and must issue written opinions for each appeal. ALJs must be a member of the California Bar and must have tax law experience.

Tax Lawyers Wanted [ ]

The new California Office of Tax Appeals is looking for administrative law judges to serve on a panel and hear tax appeal cases involving the intricacies of tax law — from business taxes like cigarette and tobacco products and sales and use taxes to income taxes. Currently, the three open positions are located in Sacramento with salary ranges from $8,638 to $11,979 per month commensurate with experience. Find out more information here [ ]. Positions are open until filled.

The legislation does not specify how many three-judge panels will be used, but states that hearings will be held in Sacramento, Fresno, and Los Angeles. The job listings state that “multiple positions” exist for the presiding ALJs, indicating that there are likely to be several panels of ALJs handling the appeals duties formerly performed by the five-member BOE.

Please share with your networks.

Thank you!

In Peace and Friendship,

Fiona Ma, CPA




National security.

1-Here is a current example showing that the Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) works in a National Business Sector Critical to National Security: “Financial Services”. 2- It also highlights the importance of the UFSC Vision and Mission, minorities should have authority throughout and at the highest levels in this sector.3- The example: The devastating international US actions in the attached news report will come through the US “FINANCIAL SERVICES” Sector. –



Volunteer service.

WB Lending Solutions in community service.



Multi- Dimensional

Multi Dimensional.#ufscnet



There is a difference…

Consumers must advocate for themselves. Corporation interests and Consumer interests are different. …Eyes open…#wblendingsolutions



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